Ending the border emergency


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said America will be less safe if money is taken from military bases

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Congress passed a resolution to cancel President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration, which takes funds that have already been appropriated by congress and redirects it for border wall construction.

Republicans and Democrats in the House joined the Senate in voting to terminate President Trump’s border emergency declaration that allowed him to move money from military projects to construct a border wall instead.

“An abysmally stupid waste of money,” said Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio. “But he’s delivering on a campaign promise. But wait a minute, wait a minute, who’s going to pay? Mexico’s going to pay! Who’s going to pay? Mexico!”

DeFazio said the President’s declaration hurts the agencies fighting against drug traffickers.

“Cutting essential things from the coast guard, who does real dangerous work every day intercepting drugs,” said DeFazio.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said America will be less safe if money is taken from military bases in the US, the Middle East, and Europe.

“This administration is stealing funds from 127 initiatives, in 21 countries, 23 states, and 3 territories,” said Pelosi.

Congress previously voted to cancel the President’s declaration in March, but the President stopped that effort with a veto. That same result is expected now, but Congress is trying to send a message—something North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan reject.

“So this is a show vote Mr. Speaker this has nothing to do with really legislating,” said Meadows.

“This is just one more example of the Democrats attacking the President instead of trying to solve the problem,” said Jordan.

Lawmakers could attempt to override a Presidential veto, but they don’t appear to have the required votes.

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