Chinese students respond to travel ban caused by the coronavirus


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Arkansas Department of Health is investigating a possible case of the deadly virus from China.

The Coronavirus has now spread to over 20 countries with more than 6,000 confirmed cases.

Yesterday, Missouri State University’s International Services Health Center and the Greene County Health Department met to discuss how to keep coronavirus out of the campus.

A decision was made to ban all travel to China. Chinese students at the university say they think this is the best course of action but are also worried about their families back home.

“I still check on my cellphone every day because I’m still worried about my family,” said Yizhu Gai, student at MSU.

Junyu Sun, another student, says this is all happening during Chinese New Year.

“So everyone, including my parents, want to go out and shop for the holiday,” Sun said. “I’m worried about them, and I pay very close attention to where the virus is spreading.”

Dr. James P. Baker, vice president for Research and Economic Development and International Programs, says there is a process for those coming back from China.

“Generally they’re being quarantined from 2 to 14 days, and so we’ll follow some protocols like that,” Dr. Baker said.

In mid-February, according to Dr. Baker, travel will be reassessed.

The Greene County Health Department also sent out a release today, Jan. 29, saying the risk to the general public is still low with no confirmed cases in Missouri so far.

If you start experiencing flu-like symptoms, which are similar to the symptoms of the coronavirus, try to get medical attention as soon as possible.

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