SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The underdog Missouri State Bears were hunting for another victory Friday afternoon in the Valley baseball tournament.

The Bears stunned the top seed Southern Illinois to advance to the action against Bradley.

Missouri State is the sixth seed, the Braves are the fourth seed.

And the Bears strike first in the first, Drake Baldwin takes this deep to right center over the wagon gate and gone, a two run shot, it’s 2-0 Bears.

Missouri State had Adam Link on the hill and he strikes out Bradley’s Connor O’Brien swinging, link had four strikeouts in three innings of work.

It’s 3-0 in the second when the Bears add to their lead, Baldwin doubles into the right field corner, Spencer Nevins scores it’s 4-nothing.

Then Mason Greer doubles off the fence in right center, that scores Mason Hull and Baldwin, it’s 6-0.

Missouri State smashed five home runs, and set a Hammons Field record with a 19-3 whipping of the Braves.