B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew hosts Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser


SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– It’s almost the end of April and it’s not the time of year people start thinking about Christmas. However, one local group is already planning ahead to raise money for children and families in need.

A local motorcycling group called “B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew” showed up at people’s houses to give children Christmas gifts last December.

The group contacts school counselors to get names of families who may need assistance during the holiday season and buys presents for them.

An event called “Easter Keg Hunt” was held on Saturday, April 24, to help make the project possible for 2021. People received a riddle and looked for Easter eggs. The main goal however was to find the Easter “Keg”.

“It’s not an actual keg, it’s a propane bottle, but that’s what they’re looking for,” said Rick Hart, B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew. ” If they find this, it’s 250-dollars cash.”

“The ending of this is us going in December and buying Christmas presents for children, and every one of us walks away with tears in our eyes,” said Mandy Hart, B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew. “That’s the joy, we bring joy to them, it brings joy to our heart.”

If you want to learn more visit the B.A.D.D. Cruisin Crew Facebook page.

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