UPDATE 6/28/2023 — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office knew about a plan to help an inmate escape days in advance, according to documents obtained from the Greene County Circuit Clerk.

The inmate, Miko Simpson, made several phone calls to his girlfriend, Nacrya Harris between June 22 and June 25.

In those recorded calls, deputies learned the escape was supposed to happen during Simpson’s court proceedings on June 27.

Simpson told Harris they were Bonnie and Clyde in their past life, telling Harris, “Bonnie needs to come out.”

Harris was instructed to purchase a number of supplies, including a taser, pepper spray, a pistol, 9 mm ammunition, extra magazines for the pistol, boots and cargo pants. She was also told to have the car fueled and waiting in front of the Greene County Courthouse.

According to GCSO, deputies were waiting at the courthouse when Harris arrived in Simpson’s Chevy Camaro.

Deputies made contact with Harris around 8 a.m. and detained her. Deputies also saw a “taser,” which was actually a stun gun, out in the open in the center console of the car.

When deputies asked Harris to search the vehicle, she said there was a gun in the car, but refused the search.

Later, Harris told deputies she and Simpson had been a couple for four years and she was pregnant with his child.

She also admitted the escape wasn’t supposed to happen on Tuesday, but rather on Friday and depending on the result of the trial. Harris said she had only rented her hotel room for Tuesday and Wednesday nights and had no intention of being in Springfield on Friday because she had to return to work.

Harris consented to have deputies search her iPhone, where they searched her Amazon purchase history and her Google search history. She had searched several topics, including the Greene County Jail, Greene County jail visitation, cheap hotel deals in Springfield, gun stores, steel body armor, combat pants and Metro Shooting Supply.

Deputies also searched Harris’s hotel room and Simpson’s Camaro, where they discovered a 9 mm handgun, pepper spray, stun gun, 9 mm ammunition, psilocybin mushrooms, an iPhone belonging to Harris, as well as her identification and social security card.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Florissant, Missouri woman is being charged for attempting to help an inmate escape from Greene County custody.

According to a press release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, 22-year-old Nacrya A. Harris was charged with aiding escape of a prisoner confined for felony.

GCSO says Harris conspired with an inmate to assist in his escape from custody while he was making a court appearance, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

Harris is currently being held in the Greene County Jail on a $50,000 bond.