REPUBLIC, Mo. — In honor of Veterans Day, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield held a luminary tour Saturday night that featured over 2,500 luminaries positioned around the battlefield, each representing a soldier who lost his life in the battle.  

“The purpose of this event is to commemorate and acknowledge the sacrifices of veterans during the Civil War,” said Sarah Cunningham, Superintendent for Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield. “And veterans throughout our military history.” 

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield visitors who were able to secure a free ticket to the tour had the opportunity to hear stories at three different stops.  

“We had really looked forward to this since we saw it on the Wilson’s Creek Facebook page,” said Phillip Schatzer who went on the tour. “That they were going to do this and came down and signed up that day to take the luminary tour.”  

Each person on the tour was also given a card with the story of a soldier who fought in The Battle at Wilson’s Creek.

“Then at the end of their visit, they will find out the fate of that individual,” Cunningham said. “And they’ll probably hear a little bit about that on the tour as well.”  

Those who went on the tour said although they had been to the battlefield before, it was a moving experience to see the luminaries. 

“Because they have the luminaries set up that reenact the people who lost their lives in this battle,” Schatzer said. “And this is just amazing how many casualties occurred in this area.”  

“We are very thrilled that our community supports Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, our events and of course our veterans that have served this nation,” Cunningham said.  

While the luminary tour is a special Veteran’s Day event, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Visitor’s Center and Museum is open daily from 8 am – 5 pm.