SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Big storms like the one Springfield and the surrounding cities saw yesterday bring on damaging floods, wind damage, and even hail in some parts of the area. This often results in increased calls to roofing companies.

We spoke to Scott Ribidoux, co-owner of RX Roofing, on the type of damages they see after a big storm and what folks can do to protect their houses.

“The day after a big storm, I think it is very important that you call a local roofer — whether it is us, anybody else — to come out and at least inspect the roof and make sure there wasn’t any damage caused by that storm,” Ribidoux said.

Rains and wind like the kind Springfield experienced yesterday can cause roof problems such as water leaks, tree damage and clogged gutters. These are some problems folks could face after a big storm.

Strong winds can tear up shingles. In bad storms, shingles can lift up, come off, and leave spots open for leaks for the next storm to come through.

Hail is another issue that can cause roofing problems. However, if you don’t see any immediate damage to your house or roof, the next storm that rolls through could end up being the storm that finished the job.

It is important to go outside when it’s safe to check on your roof to make sure nothing needs immediate attention.

One more thing that Ribidoux mentioned was to stay away from “storm chasers.”

Storm chasers are roofing contractors who typically are from out of state and chase storms. They go knocking on people’s doors the day after a big storm to try and estimate the total costs of the damages left by the storm.

Ribidoux suggests doing your due diligence and contacting local roofing companies in your area for more information.