CEDAR COUNTY, Mo.- Two women who were once residents at Circle of Hope have filed petitions against the faith-based reformatory school for young women.

The two women are remaining anonymous in the case and have been listed as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II. In the legal petition provided to Ozarks First by the attorney representing the two women, they listed numerous allegations that detail physical, mental, and sexual abuse by the Householders and their son, a teenager at the time of their stay.

The following are the allegations made by each of the two plaintiffs:

Jane Doe I

Jane Doe I arrived at Circle of Hope from Texas, at the age of 16, in December 2014. She left February 2015. Court documents say Jane Doe I was physically abused by the Householders and was sexually abused, assaulted, molested, and raped by their son. The document says the son took a special interest in Jane Doe I not long after she arrived at Circle of Hope.

“The Householder son frequently chose Jane Doe I to be a part of the group performing outdoor work duties under his supervision,” court documents say.

In mid-December 2014, the Householder son told Jane Doe I to separate from the rest of the group, who were doing outside work, to sweep the floor of an unoccupied building on the property. The son later went into that house and attacked Jane Doe I then raped her.

According to court records, In January or February 2015, the Householder son committed similar sexual assault acts against Jane Doe I. During that same timeframe, Jane Doe I was physically attacked by Boyd Householder.

A separate incident states Boyd Householder order his German Shepard dog to attack Jane Doe I. The dog bit her leg until Boyd told it to release.

“Following the attack, Jane Doe I was forced to sign an accident report stating that the dog bit her on accident,” the document says.

Jane Doe I lost more than 40 pounds during the few months at Circle of Hope before being removed from the camp by her mother. Circle of Hope had a policy of starving residents they felt were overweight, court records say.

Jane Doe II

Jane Doe II arrived at Circle of Hope in February 2015 at the age of 15. Once Jane Doe II turned 16, she was raped by Boyd Householder.

Court Documents say 18 months into her time at Circle of Hope Jane Doe II was promoted to Boyd’s “secretary.”

“Unbeknownst to her, this action was part of a pattern developed by Defendant Boyd Householder of placing girls that he hand-picked in a position where they would be alone with him and isolated from the other residents of Circle of Hope for significant portions of the day,” the document says.

Stephanie Householder, Boyd’s wife, allegedly knew there had been a pattern of sexual abuse by Boyd, where he appointed young girls to be his secretary.

Boyd would make inappropriate remarks towards Jane Doe II and give her long hugs to the point where he would grope her privates. Boyd was 67-years-old at the time.

Court documents list more instances where Boyd would rape Jane Doe II in various areas around the Circle of Hope ranch. Boyd continued to rape and sexually assault Jane Doe II for the next six months. Jane Doe II left Circle of Hope in March 2017.

Both petitions list four to six counts of physical injuries, emotional distress, and psychological damages done to Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II from their time at Circle of Hope.