MARIONVILLE, Mo. — Two tax measures were passed Tuesday by Marionville voters.

The first was a question about a 2.5% use tax.

The measure passed 72 to 69 and means residents will pay the tax on online purchases from stores that have a physical location in Missouri, such as Walmart, Target or Amazon.

The tax will not be combined with Marionville’s local sales tax, which is also 2.5%. But, if the local sales tax is adjusted in future, the use tax will be adjusted to match.

The city says the use tax could generate up to $75,000 that could then be used for public safety or road improvements.

A pamphlet at City Hall says the new tax can give a boost to local businesses as well.

The other issue that passed was a 3% recreational marijuana sales tax.

Even though Marionville does not currently have any dispensaries, any future monies generated would also go to public safety improvements.

The vote on the marijuana tax was 96 to 45.