SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Terry Robinson and Angelito Silva were formally charged on Friday in an accidental shooting that killed 19-year-old Evangel University student Tyree Crenshaw.

Picture of Tyree Crenshaw

Robinson has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and making a false report. Silva has been charged with tampering physical evidence and making a false report.

According to Springfield Police, the shooting was originally reported as an assault occurring around midnight on April 30, 2020, in the 2000 block of North Jefferson just south of Kearney.

UPDATE: Two in custody following death of 19-year-old

According to a probable cause statement for Silva, Silva told police, both after the incident and during an interview at Springfield Police Headquarters, that it was a drive-by shooting. He then added in the second interview that he had lied.

“After 35 minutes passed, Silva apologized to me and admitted he had lied to me at the beginning because he was trying to save his friend (Robinson),” the probable causes says.

Silva and Robinson came up with the story of a drive-by shooting because they did not know how much trouble they were going to be in.

According to a probable cause statement for Robinson, when officers first interviewed him on the scene he gave the story of the drive-by shooting. During his interview at SPD Headquarters, an investigator told him he needed to run a gunshot residue kit on Robinson.

Robinson responded,” Can you start writing, cause I already know, I’m going to tell you the truth.”

The probable cause statement says Silva had shown his gun to the two guys earlier in the day and had it unloaded but reloaded it, put it on his nightstand after they left. Robinson and Crenshaw found a gun on a nightstand next to a bed later that night. Robinson says, Crenshaw asked Silva if the gun was real, Silva said yes.

Robinson went to pick the gun up, not knowing it was loaded and cocked the gun back and shot it, the PC statement says.

Robinson told police he heard Crenshaw gasp and thought he was joking about being shot until Robinson lifted Crenshaw’s shirt and saw he had been shot.

Silva and Robinson debated on calling 911 for nearly five minutes. Robinson ended up calling but told police a different story because he did not want Silva to get in trouble.