SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Some Springfield elementary students are determined to help those in need, even while these students learn virtually from home.

They’re called “Help the Homies” and these students hope to do just that by creating what they call “Kindness Kits”

These three Springfield elementary students are on a mission to spread kindness to people experiencing homelessness.

“Imagine you’re just like going to the store to get food or something and you see somebody that has nothing you obviously want to help them but you also want to do it to where you have enough stuff to help other people too,” Kaylee Seely a third-grade student at Mark Twain Elementary said.

So the girls set out to “Help the Homies”

“The whole school has been collecting items to give to Victory Mission, The Kitchen, and Freeway Ministries,” Sophie Snapp another third-grade student at Mark Twain Elementary said.

They even surpassed their goal of raising $100 in monetary donations.

“We made a list of stuff that we needed, so we bought a bunch of stuff and our total and our total of money were $120,” Allison Gonzalez-Flores a third-grade student at Mark Twain Elementary student said.

“We just wanted to feel like they have stuff just like us because we get sad when people they don’t have anywhere to stay or anything,” Snapp said.

Learning coach, Katy Shatto, says the students are learning some important skills through this process.

“They had to come up with an idea they had to pitch it they had to deal with what if we said no, they had to learn how to advertise, format good sentences,” Shatto said.

And the most important lesson of all, we can all make a difference no matter how big or how small.

The girls will pack the bags Thursday, Jan. 20, 2021, and then in February Victory Mission and Freeway Ministries will visit the campus to collect them and also share what their organizations do for the community.