SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– There are a lot of unique names out there; some are given and some are chosen.

Spangle The Clown and Crescent Dragonwagon, both natives to the Ozarks, chose their names.

“My dad said if you are going to go into something, go in it to win it,” says Clown (first name Spangle, middle name The).

Spangle is a professional clown and Santa Clause from Fair Grove, Missouri. Originally operating under the name “Zippie”, Spangle legally changed his name to something more patriotic after the World Trade Center attack on 9/11/01.

Dragonwagon, a freelance writer, mentor, and speaker says her name change happened when she was only sixteen. She and her soon-to-be husband decided to adopt new names for their new lives. They landed on Crispen and Crescent. A nearby drawing of a dragon inspired their last name.

“Many people do dumb things in their teenage years, but most have the sense not to cast them in concrete, which they then have to drag around for the rest of their lives,” says Dragonwagon. 

The members of Cactus Graves’ family all have rare original names. Graves is a mother of four children, Nautica, Cruise, Blaine, and Coral. Her brother’s name is Packy Timber Wolfe.

“My husband’s name is Chad. As normal as you can get,” laughs Graves.

Graves is the only one in the family that wasn’t able to use her actual name on Facebook. She says the social media platform claimed “Cactus” is not considered a real name. She later incorporated her middle name, going with “CactusAnne,” which Facebook found suitable.

KOLR 10 News turned to Facebook users for more unique name suggestions, and was able to currate a sizeable list. The following names are those of people KOLR10 attempted to contact but were not able to reach.

  • Dr. Bonebrake
  • Charlie Brown
  • Dr. Moist
  • Rusty Fender 
  • Cactus Graves
  • Soda Popp
  • Jamaica Dawn
  • Tyla Nall
  • Dr. Loki Skylizard