REPUBLIC, Mo. — Local pregnancy resource centers are saying they’re receiving more calls from women seeking abortion information.

For our series “The New Normal,” KOLR 10’s Madison Hever spoke with one of those centers to see why more women may be thinking about abortion.

The Pregnancy Resource Center in Republic said they’re normally contacted once a month from women who want more information on abortion, but now its nearly once a week, if not more.

Mary Jackson, the executive director of the Republic Pregnancy Resource Center, says the reason for this may be the unexpected turn of the economy as a result of the coronavirus.

“They’re wanting information on abortion more than normal,” Jackson said. “Once we opened back up, is when we saw the interest in the abortion information. The COVID’s made them in crisis mode. It’s the economy, you know, cause the COVID has hurt the economy and they’ve lost their jobs. They might not get their jobs back. They might’ve been in a place during that time of isolation that they were lonely and they made a mistake.”

Though the Republic Pregnancy Resource Center is a pro-life ministry, they say they still respect the decision women make, whatever it may be.

“We can’t tell you can’t have your abortion, but we would like to give you your options so that when you make whatever decision you make, it’s an educated decision,” Jackson said.

When asked if they’re disappointed in the increase in interest of abortion information, they say ‘no.’

“Some of them, we talk to them and we don’t know what their decision was,” Jackson said. “It’s just made the world a different place. We’ve got a whole new normal.”