Springfield, MO. — The Grant Beach neighborhood in North Central Springfield is benefiting from the Blue House Project.

The Drew Lewis Foundation at the Fairbanks has been purchasing neglected homes to renovate and sell to qualifying families.

Recently, the Foundation had the opportunity to purchase a home that will now be the last home on a specific block to renovate them.

“This house is one that I’ve had my eye on since buying the Fairbanks. It’s one we’ve worked with families that have lived in here,” said Amy Blansit. “Mice have also found it as a very lovely place.”

She gave KOLR10 a tour of the home, which is now under construction. The house is still missing a stair, which Blansit says was missing when a family lived there.

“So, you had to leap to get upstairs.,” she said. “We knew that there were really unstable conditions and that the floor was rotting out.”

The house is now being gutted and is the ninth house to be renovated under the Blue House Project.

“And with this house changing, the whole neighborhood looks different.”

The Blue House Project started based on a blue house that was just north of the Fairbanks.

Blansit says the individuals who owned it wanted to sell it, but they didn’t want to sell it to a landlord.

“There are enough issues with landlords in this neighborhood, so they held on to it until a homeowner was interested,” she said. “And so, we approached them with this idea that as a nonprofit, we would like to purchase it with the intent of a homeownership program, where individuals would live in it for one to two years as tenants, renting it as they built credit, down payments, those types of savings, and what it takes to become a homeowner.,”

Blansit says the Foundation has sold three houses that it renovated and sells another one this coming week.

“So, we have nine houses in a ten-block radius that’s helping change the face of the area around them,” she said. “A decade ago, it was quite different, and just to see what we can do in a few short years, just to change a few houses, I’m excited to be a part of that process.”

To learn more about the project and eligibility requirements, visit drewlewis.Net/programs