TEXAS COUNTY, Mo. — A man was arrested for attempting to drag a child into a car after trying to give the child money on Aug. 2 in Hartshorn.

Darryl F. Harris, 39, of Hartshorn allegedly approached a juvenile male outside a business in Hartshorn and offered to trade $40 for a $20 bill. According to a Texas County Sheriff’s Office news release, Harris reportedly went to shake the boy’s hand, but then grabbed the child’s arm and tried to drag him toward a vehicle.

Another boy was present and helped free the boy who was being pulled. Troopers arrived on the scene to arrest Harris. Deputies tried to interview him, but Harris refused to talk about the situation and instead cursed at the deputies. He went to the Texas County Jail.

Harris is charged with attempted stealing by physically taking — a felony charge — and third-degree kidnapping, which is a misdemeanor.