TEXAS COUNTY, Mo. — Deputies in Texas County need help identifying a man who refuses to provide any identification.

According to a probable cause statement from the Texas County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses near 500 Bartlett Drive reported an assault on the morning of Oct. 12.

The victim and three witnesses told TCSO deputies they were performing road maintenance on Bartlett Drive on behalf of Pierce Township when the suspect started yelling at the victim and approached him in the road. The suspect then bumped the victim’s chest with his chest and got in the victim’s face.

Deputies tried to talk with the suspect, but he was “irate and uncooperative with the investigation”, according to the probable cause statement. The suspect also placed a lawn chair in the middle of Bartlett Drive, blocking the road.

The suspect was taken into custody and has been fingerprinted twice, but no matches have been made. The Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) is working to help identify “John Doe.”

The probable cause statement also said John Doe claims “he does not recognize the government or the court system” and that he will not go to court.

John Doe is being held in the Texas County Jail.