SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– It may be tiny, but The Sub Shop on the corner of Seminole and Glenstone has a big following. It’s not uncommon to see a line out the door and around the building.

Customers come for the subs, but keep coming back for the service. 

It all started with a post made on social media that read in part, “Ethan at The Sub Shop is seriously one of the greatest humans in Springfield, MO’s restaurant industry.” It didn’t take long for rave reviews of Ethan to flood in. 

The Sub Shop has been a second home for Ethan Seehusen.

“I literally grew up in this store,” laughs Seehusen. 

It’s been in his family since 1983, after his parents purchased the business that began in Springfield in 1972.

Seehusen thinks people could keep coming back for the nostalgia. “I think kind of that small-town charm thing,” Seehusen said. “Everybody kind of knows each other. There’s just a lot of good people in Springfield.”

The good people Seehusen speaks of, they think he is one of the best. He can remember most names that come through the door, along with their favorite order. 

He says it isn’t exactly a photographic memory. 

“I just have a really good memory and it’s a total blessing,” says Seehusen, “An absolute blessing. I couldn’t ask for anything better in this business.” 

Each time a customer walks through the door of The Sub Shop, Seehusen hopes they leave feeling special, “A connectedness. I hope they felt important, important enough to be known.”