SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A group of teens caused a disturbance at a Springfield restaurant on April 23.

Pita Pit’s Team Lead John Link says nothing like this has ever happened at their location before.

“The situation could have definitely gotten worse,” said Link. “And I’m glad that it didn’t progress that far.”

At the time, only one employee was inside the restaurant.

“They had first come in and were asking about food and then they were asking if he was the only one here. Whenever they found out he was the only one here, that’s whenever three of them had gone behind the counter,” Link said. “One of the guys had picked up a broom. One of them was on our grill while cooking his own food. Another guy was wiping down counters. And when I told them to leave, they said that they were working.”

When asked to leave, the teens caused more of a disturbance, even threatening to start a fight with Link.

“Before they had left, they did grab some of our chips off of our chip rack and throw them in the air and slap a couple of chairs over,” Link said. “They started leaving. Then once of the guys got upset and was trying to fight me. And at that point, we had called the police.”

The Springfield Police Department says the incident will be classified as misdemeanor trespassing.

“There’s not really much we can do except hope that nothing like this happens again,” said Link. “There are things that people need to understand. It’s not okay. You know, because coming behind our line, that’s like our home to us.”