SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Taylor Swift Eras Tour is selling out local movie theaters after selling out Arrowhead Stadium and other stadiums across the country. 

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour started in the United States in March 2023, and now fans can see it on the silver screen across the nation. 

The Alamo Drafthouse is just one of the theaters in town showing her concert. 

Some fans were seeing the performance for the first time and others enjoyed the live performance so much they wanted to see it again.

“This is actually my second showing. So yeah, very ecstatic,” said Liz Garcia, who was seeing the movie. “It’s kind of like I did get to go see her on tour, so it’s just like reliving it, it’s very exciting.” 

“I know all of her songs,” said Barrett Miller, who was seeing the performance for the first time. “Like I’ve seen like I’ve heard a whole bunch of her songs.”  

Fans are able to watch the So-Fi Stadium Eras Tour performance on the big screen and have an opportunity to buy the Alamo’s version of merchandise like t-shirts and friendship bracelets.   

“When there’s fandom associated with some special release like this, you see so many people pile in,” said David Mann, General Manager at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. “Huge groups of friends that are just dressed up. and, you know, living their best life, having a fun time at the movies.”  

Mann says the theater has been full of Taylor Swift fans during a time that is usually slow for theaters.  

“I anticipate a lot of people coming out week over week and for the next few weeks,” Mann said. “We have showtimes that are already sold out from when we initially put them on sale and we add showtimes every day.”  

The Alamo has adjusted some of its rules specifically for the Eras Tour Movie, allowing fans to sing along and enjoy the concert-like atmosphere. 

“I feel like everybody else will be,” said London Wilmoth-Woodruff, who was watching the movie. “All the videos I’ve seen of everything. Everyone’s singing and dancing and having so much fun.”  

Fans say it’s a great way to see Swift perform even if they couldn’t attend the concert.   

“So better seats than you could ever get just coming to a movie theater,” Mann said. “And the price tag is much lower. So, I know there are a ton of Swifties out there who are clamoring to come out and get a ticket.”   

“I wasn’t able to afford the tickets. They were $1,000,000,” Wilmoth-Woodruff said. “So I’m really excited to come get to see the thing today.”  

The Alamo will continue showing the Eras Tour Concert on weekends until Nov. 5.