STONE COUNTY, Mo. — Several issues were on the ballot in Stone County today, but poll workers reported a small turnout.

The Stone County Clerk told OzarksFirst only 10 absentee ballots were submitted, and less than 10% of voters showed up to cast a ballot in person.

At Ignite Church, several people showed up to cast a ballot, but were turned away because the election was limited to people who live in Branson West.

“Even though you live in Stone County and it’s where you shop and do your business, you’re not allowed to vote on the issue,” said Paul Foster, a Stone County voter.

Poll workers at the church said over 100 people who came in to vote were turned away because they do not reside in city limits. According to Mary Heavy, an election supervisory judge, only 60 people were allowed to cast their ballots.

Heavy said one thing that would have helped her and her fellow election workers was a map of Branson West’s city limits.

The Stone County Clerk said there are four elections scheduled for 2024 and they are expecting bigger turnouts for those races.