ST. LOUIS – Missouri’s Attorney General announced Thursday that his office is launching an investigation into the Washington University Pediatric Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. A whistleblower claimed the program designed to help transgender teens is harming them instead.

A sworn affidavit from the whistleblower is the base for a multi-agency investigation from Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

“What is he basing it on? A very one-sided statement, article, report from a person inside who for whatever reason changed her mind about what was going on,” said Chris Hyman.

Hyman said she knows the whistleblower well and that her son has worked with the whistleblower many times over the five years he has been in the program. Which is why they are both shocked by the allegations.

“Betrayed and anxious, and just a whole bunch of negative things,” said Corey Hyman.

There are a lot of allegations in the sworn statement, from doctors continuing medical transitions without parent consent to the Center not requiring mental health for patients after receiving puberty blockers. Chris said none of the allegations are true.

“I am involved in every step of it. I am in the room for part of the meetings,” Chris said. “Every six months, there are blood tests to make sure we’re monitoring hormone levels. Every appointment, I’m there. Every appointment he fills out questionnaires. Every appointment, they check in with me.”

Parents want to talk to the attorney general instead of his office launching an investigation based on one person.

“Tell me if the AG has a transgender child, because if he doesn’t, and I don’t think he does, then I don’t think that he should be saying anything about this,” said Susan Halla, board president of TransParent. “Please ask the parents of these kids. We know what is right for our children.”

Missouri Attorney General Bailey released the following statement:

“As Attorney General, I want Missouri to be the safest state in the nation for children. We have received disturbing allegations that individuals at the Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital have been harming hundreds of children each year, including by using experimental drugs on them. We take this evidence seriously and are thoroughly investigating to make sure children are not harmed by individuals who may be more concerned with a radical social agenda than the health of children.”

A spokesperson from Washington University said the following statement about the allegations:

“We are alarmed by the allegations reported in the article published by The Free Press describing practices and behaviors the author says she witnessed while employed at the university’s Transgender Center. We are taking this matter very seriously and have already begun the process of looking into the situation to ascertain the facts. As always, our highest priority is the health and well-being of our patients. We are committed to providing compassionate, family-centered care to all of our patients, and we hold our medical practitioners to the highest professional and ethical standards.”