SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield’s city hall was packed tonight in advance of the city council’s vote on a resolution recognizing LGBTQ+ efforts in the community.

The resolution passed by council members tonight establishes the city’s commitment to equity and inclusion. And acknowledges the contribution made by the LGBTQ+ community.

Some say this resolution is a basic need in our community to show Springfield’s growth in efforts to take action in supporting the LGBTQ+ community and the city’s growth as a whole.

Others who opposed say that affirming the LGBTQ+ community would leave everyone else behind. 

The resolution will include five pillars the city of Springfield will implement for anti-discrimination. 

Only one council member, Derek Lee, voted no. 

“LGBTQ plus issues are divisive issues which have now been brought before this body. I’m sure these issues will divide Springfield just like they have on a national and state level,” said Lee. 

As tensions surrounding the Greater Ozarks PrideFest have grown, Mayor Ken McClure said the Greater Ozarks Pridefest will be permitted in the square downtown as it has since 2015.