SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Due to extensive renovations, Springfield City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission meetings will temporarily be relocated from Historic City Hall to Springfield Regional Police-Fire Training Center starting in October.

The iconic building, which has served as the backdrop for these meetings for years, is set to undergo significant renovations to modernize the space while preserving its historical charm and making it more accessible.

According to City Architect Jennifer Swan, the renovations will include a new fire stairwell, an elevator for medical emergencies, renovated office spaces, new public restrooms and upgraded council chambers. 

“We’re going to try to expose some of the historical parts of the building that has been enclosed in time,” says Swan.

One of the biggest priorities is to make the building more accessible to individuals with disabilities, addressing a longstanding issue in the current space.

Funding for the renovations comes in part from the revenue generated by the level of property tax, approved by voters in 2017. Swan explained that the city received about $10.6 million for this project.

While the work is being done, the Springfield Regional Police-Fire Training Center will host the meetings during renovation.

The first council meeting in the temporary location is scheduled for Oct. 2 at 6:30 p.m.