JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.– In a statement posted to Twitter on Tuesday (04/20/21), Missouri House Democratic Floor Leader Crystal Quade responded to the resignation of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams.

“During his tenure at the Department of Health and Senior Services, Director Williams unethically tracked the menstrual cycles of Missouri women without their knowledge or consent, bungled the implementation of legalized medical marijuana, led the state’s failed response to COVID-19 and routinely refused to answer basic questions from lawmakers. Through it all he somehow managed to keep his job. With his sudden and unexplained resignation, one can’t help but wonder what finally convinced the governor to show him the door,” Quade said.

In October of 2019, the Associated Press reported Dr. Williams admitted to tracking the menstrual cycles of Planned Parenthood patients as a “part of an effort to identify…’failed abortions’ at a St. Louis [Planned Parenthood] clinic.”

Dr. Williams’ resignation comes more than a year later. A reason for his resignation has yet to be obtained by reporters.

Chief Operating Officer Drew Erdmann also resigned Tuesday. His departure is also unexplained.