CORRECTION: Previous story reported the meth lab was just south of Seminole Street. Should be Kearney Street.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Springfield woman was arrested after Springfield Fire Department responded to a house fire report.

Jennifer Buttram, 35, of Springfield was arrested on Aug. 9 after a fire marshal interviewed six people who were residents of the property, which housed a possible meth lab in the 2200 block of Delaware Avenue in Springfield, just south of Kearney Street between Glenstone and Fremont Avenues.

According to the probable cause statement for the incident, residents reported that Buttram was causing a disturbance in the backyard. One of the residents said that Buttram approached him with her hand behind her back while he was eating in the backyard and told him that he owed her money. She then brought her hand forward, showing him a knife. He told her to leave him alone.

Buttram then allegedly began announcing “I’m burning this [expletive] to the ground.” Shortly thereafter, the garage was on fire. When the fire department arrived, they put out the fire and found that the garage was potentially being used to produce meth.

Police officers found Buttram north of the address on East 24th Street and found that she was wearing the clothes the people from the house described. She was detained.

Buttram was arrested on a felony charge of arson and a felony charge of unlawful use of a weapon. Her initial court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 15.