SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As the summer travel season approaches, drivers in Springfield are feeling the sting of rising gas prices. 

This comes down to global crude oil cutbacks, which will affect gas prices throughout the summer.

“You just got to watch out for the gas prices pretty much,” says driver Kurt Miller. “I was expecting them to be lower, but they’re not.”

As gas prices are back on the rise nationwide, Springfield drivers are also feeling the pinch in their budgets. Prices at the pump have reached the highest they’ve been in 6 months. 

Across Missouri, drivers are paying an average of $3.39 per gallon for regular unleaded gas according to AAA’s latest report. 

“Full tank every week,” said driver Chris Lee. “Probably about $160 a month, maybe a little bit more.”

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ decision to cut back on production made the prices of crude oil jump to more than $80 a barrel. 

And with summer travels right around the corner, many drivers are having to work the surge at the pump into their budgets, as it may be a while until the price decreases anytime soon. 

“Not being able to do anything extra, go to work and go home and that’s it,” says Lee. “I hope it lowers. I’m sure everybody does.”