REPUBLIC, Mo. — Republic residents are expressing concerns over a proposed trail expansion that would run through their properties.

The Shuyler Creek Trail expansion, funded by the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Surface Transportation Block Grant, has left some homeowners feeling unheard and concerned about the impact on their properties. 

According to neighbors, they were never properly consulted about the trail expansion and its potential effects on their properties. Some homeowners have been told that their property could be condemned if they don’t come to an agreement and give up their land for the trail.

“We’ve lived there for a long time. We’ve had our privacy. If we wanted a trail, we would have moved towards city limits and sold the farm a long time ago,” said Lisa Roller, a neighbor.

Others are concerned about the anticipated surge in foot traffic along their properties and how it will affect their quality of life.

One neighbor claimed that the city offered them only $1,700 for several hundred feet of fencing, which would not even cover the cost of the needed materials, let alone the cost of professional installation.

The proposed trail expansion is getting mixed reactions from those who live along the south side of Farm Road 182. While some are supportive of the project, others believe it should be rerouted. 

Courtesy of the City of Republic

OzarksFirst reached out to the City of Republic and a representative said the city is negotiating with homeowners and hopes to secure all necessary properties, but said if there is no cooperation, condemning those properties would be a last resort.