SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — You can partner with local charities and food pantries to help those in need this holiday season.

The money raised will go to Ozarks Food Harvest, Convoy of Hope and Crosslines. Even a small donation goes a long way with these groups.

“With $1 for Ozarks Food Harvest, we can actually turn that into $10 worth of groceries,” said Jordan Browning, Ozarks Food Harvest public information officer.

All three organizations said the last fundraiser hosted by Ozarks First in April helped tremendously.

“Literally, thousands of pounds came in through that,” said Tom Faulkner, Crosslines director. “Plus, the financial donations allow us to pick and choose items that we are getting low on in the pantry it was extremely helpful for us to have that.”

Jeff Nene, Convoy of Hope spokesperson, said the donations go to a good cause.

“People see that and they experience the kindness,” said Nene. “They experience the generosity of people that live in their community. There’s no feeling like the feeling knowing someone cares enough to help.”

Price Cutter will be selling bags of food for the rest of the year. Each bag sold will go directly to Crosslines.

If you would like to donate, you can text “convoy” “ozarks” or “crosslines” to 243-725. This will give you a link to follow, allowing you to donate to one of the three nonprofits.