SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The grace period for paying rent during the pandemic is over.  The federal eviction moratorium protected renters who couldn’t pay rent due to the pandemic.  It was supposed to expire earlier this month, but was extended until October. Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided the CDC  had no authority to implement such a program. 

On Friday night, some concerned citizens in Springfield took to Park Central Square to speak out on behalf of tenants.

Josh Mayfield, a member of the Springfield chapter of Party for Socialism and Liberation stated, “Personally I think it is borderline criminal to kick someone out into the streets in the middle of a pandemic. When you are telling people to stay home but they don’t have a home to stay in, that is kind of absurd.”

Lucy Mayfield, also a Party for Socialism and Liberation member, explained, “Ultimately they become homeless. One of the things about evictions is that it affects your record with landlords.  So, even if you get another job and somehow get together the money for a deposit (which is always a large sum to come up with), they might turn you down because you have  had an eviction.”

Area assistance agencies have been preparing for the end of the moratorium, and urging tenants to make a plan of action ahead of time. Greene County has already given out $3.5-million in assistance through its Emergency Rental Assistance program.  Furthermore, the State Assistance For Housing Relief (SAHFR) program has already assisted people with $64-million dollars. Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, and OACAC are partnering these programs.