SPRINGFIELD, Mo- On Thursday, KOLR10 was part of a check presentation from our big fundraiser, “Putting the Ozarks First,” in May. Viewers helped us raise $140,000 for three organizations that help hungry people in the Ozarks: Ozarks Food Harvest, Convoy of Hope, and Crosslines.

This morning, Erick Taylor, the President and CEO of Price Cutter, and KOLR10 Daybreak anchor Jenifer Abreu presented a $33,390.00 check to those food banks.

“Today was our community stepping up as they always do in southwest Missouri,” Taylor said. “Helping feed our neighbors and shopping local.”

Taylor says Price Cutter received $1 donations from shoppers for the last eight weeks. Shoppers also bought $5 and $10 gift bags, and the proceeds contributed to the large check.

“We’ve been fortunate to have great customers since 1967,” Taylor said. “When we started doing the Price Cutter charity championship 20 something years ago, we made a commitment to charity and local charities. Our customers that support us appreciate that we give back, and then they, in return, help out every step that they can.”

The money will be split evenly among the three non-profits.

Ozarks Food Harvest advocacy coordinator Jordan Browning says the money gives his food bank more funding to distribute more meals.

“Back in March, Ozarks Food Harvest made the promise to distribute an additional million meals in 90 days to the community to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Browning said. “Thanks to funds like this, we were able to distribute an additional 1.1 million meals on top of our distribution already.”

Browning says that doesn’t mean the need still isn’t there, but it does help people get fed across Southwest Missouri. His food bank will be receiving around $11,000.

“Every dollar, we can take that and turn that into four meals,” Browning said. “That $11,000 can translate into more than 45,000 meals that we’re going to be able to spread out all across Southwest Missouri among our 270 agencies.”