SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield-Greene County Park Board`s Timmons Hall welcomed a special guest on Sunday, June 27.

Bob Kendrick is the President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and gave a special presentation on the Negro Leagues. He also spoke about Springfield native Herman “Doc” Horn, Jr., a player with the Kansas City Monarchs from 1949 to 1954.

“When I think about the legacy of Doc Horn, I think about how proud he was to have represented his native place of birth, Springfield,” said Kendrick. “That was never lost on him. What Springfield and the Springfield community did for him. To propel him and give him the opportunity to pursue his dream of playing professional baseball.”

Kendrick`s visit is part of the Timmons Hall Day celebration, held on the second anniversary of the Timmons Hall opening in 2019.

According to the museum`s website, Kendrick was named President of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in 2011, previously serving as Director of Marketing 1998-2009, and Vice President of Marketing in 2009-2010. As president, Kendrick has helped orchestrate a nearly $20 million turnaround that has helped the NLBM. . He is also responsible for the creation of several signature museum educational programs and events including the Hall of Game, which annually honors former Major League Baseball greats who played the game in the spirit and signature style of the Negro Leagues.

Although the Leagues are only a slice of baseball history, Kendrick says their importance can not be overstated.

“It’s vitally important that the story of the Negro Leagues is not lost because this story is bigger than the game of baseball,” said Kendrick. “Yet, it’s still just a small part of the great story of the game of baseball, but the profoundness of this story. This is the story of the power of economic empowerment. This is the story of an unprecedented level of leadership that emerged in the African American community and ultimately it’s the story of the social advancement of America.”

Check out this extended interview with Kendrick below