BOLIVAR, Mo. — Some parents in Polk County are calling for the library director to resign after a transgender employee led a story reading last week.

At the Polk County Library board meeting on April 18, community members spoke out about recent events causing controversy at the Morrisville branch’s storytime. 

“The employee was wearing his personal pronouns, and a lanyard did say team pride,” said Colleen Knight, the Polk County Library Director. “Just like we would allow somebody to wear a cross lanyard or anything of that nature.”

The library director says that it is acceptable for staff to wear self-identifying clothing and accessories. 

Some community members say the library should be a safe place, not pushing agendas.

Others are in support of the employee, who is facing some backlash on social media.

Library leaders say that the library is and will remain a safe space for all. 

“We are a safe place. I mean, we definitely have background checks on every employee. We don’t allow a lot of information out there. So, yes, we are still a safe place,” said Knight. 

The director says they can not disclose what will happen to this employee if any actions are taken.