SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — At the Springfield City County meeting Monday, Aug. 22, Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams reported that gunshot reports and gun confiscations are still high compared to previous years.

Williams presented a six-month report detailing gun violence in Springfield. Although overall crime incidents are down, gun violence is still an issue.

“Now, having said all of that,” Williams said after speaking about the overall lower crime rates. “I have to point to the one thing that continues to be our number one problem: gun violence.”

Courtesy of the Springfield Police Department

Compared to the same six-month periods from the last three years, 2022 has more shots fired calls and more people injured by gunshots.

“These are just those that are reported,” Williams said.

On the other hand, the Springfield police have also confiscated nearly as many guns as they did in all of 2021. At the current rate, the police could confiscate more than 2019’s number of 283.

“Our efforts to take illegal guns off the street and find violent criminals continue to reap dividends,” Williams said. ” … We’ll continue those efforts throughout the year.”

He added that some of the major reasons for these high numbers are an increase in violent crime and gun owners not properly caring for their guns.