SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — People say they feel ripped off after a local tree service removal company left them with unfinished work. 

The Better Business Bureau is warning customers to be aware of Springfield based C&J Tree Service.

Ronda Good said her 85-year-old mother feels cheated by the company.

“They just kind of messed with the wrong family,” Good said. “I don’t like people who take advantage of the elderly, or anyone for that matter.”

Good said her mom paid C&J Tree Service $3,000 up front to remove a large tree in her front yard.

She said they did in fact remove the tree, but they never returned to clean up the mess the cutting of the tree created. 

“They said they’d be back and clean up the stump and take the trunk the next day, and we have never heard from them,” Good said.

After the company never came back, Good said her mom paid another company $800 to come clean up the mess.

“It was very aggravating because she always likes to keep things nice and neat and has people come do things,” Good said. “She’s 85, she’s all by herself.”

Better Business Bureau Regional Director, Stephanie Garland, said this family’s story isn’t the only one.

“We’ve seen from numerous people that they’ve paid for work to be done and it hasn’t been done all the way,” Garland said.

Garland said the company is not registered with the Missouri Secretary of State.

She said the BBB has given the tree service an “F” rating.

“This is not a new business,” Garland said. “This is a business that’s been around for many years and they’ve been around on different names.” 

Garland said the following names are what the business has gone by previously:

  • C&R Tree Service
  • Ron Jones Tree Service
  • Good Ol’ Boys Tree Surgeon
  • Joseph’s Tree Service

OzarksFirst reached out to C&J Tree Service but has yet to hear back.