CARROLL COUNTY, Ark. — One man is dead following an officer-involved shooting in Green Forest Saturday. 

Around 8 a.m. a Green Forest Police officer was dispatched to an apartment at 408 South Thorne Avenue. Three roommates of Maung Tway, 43, of Green Forest, reported to police that Tway was creating a disturbance and asked police to remove him from the apartment.

As a police officer asked Tway to step out of his bedroom, Tway came out wielding a large knife. The officer asked Tway to drop the knife but Tway refused and continued to approach the police officer. 

Despire the officer’s continued commands for Tway to drop the knife and stop, Tway still moved toward the officer who then fired his gun wounding Tway.

Tway was transported to a Berryville hospital where he later died of his injuries. 

Special Agents of the state police Criminal INvestigation Divison will prepare an investigative case file for the Carroll County prosecuting attorney.