OZARK, Mo. — If you’re looking to buy Target or Amazon products at less than half its retail price, a new overstock store just opened up in Ozark two weeks ago.

Ozark Trading and Liquidation buys truckloads of pallets and sells merchandise fast at a much lower price.

“Target, Amazon, they have thousands of stores,” Josh Tuning, co-owner of Ozark Trading and Liquidation said, “Amazon has all these distribution centers with millions of products. Inevitably, they get overstock, or they get returns that there’s nothing wrong with it. They are such a big corporation that sitting on inventory is not their game.”

Ricardo Rodrigues, co-owner of Ozark Trading and Liquidation said they buy pallets by the truckload from multiple big companies, “Costco, Target, Home Depot, Amazon.”

And sells them piece by piece usually over half off the suggested retail price.

“So we’re a liquidator but we also buy from brokers that are also liquidators, so it’s kind of a, it starts here, trickles down, we were lucky to get into the game where we buy directly from a guy that holds contracts with Target, holds contracts with amazon, where we don’t have to buy from a middle guy,” Tuning said, “that’s why we’re able to take so much less on some of the stuff. And it’s cheaper, to begin with because we’re buying a full truckload.”

Tuning said the name of the game is to get inventory fast.

So if you see something you like today, it may not be here next week.

“We want the inventory in, we want the inventory out. We’re willing to take less of a margin on stuff, to keep the price down, keep our inventory fresh,” Tuning said, “and you win some and you lose some. We had some trucks that we purchased in the last month that we made no money on. But we hope the next one we will.”

The store products vary including furniture, electronics, health and beauty, home goods, and more.

They will also be hosting food trucks out in the parking lot some weekends.

“Some of those are barbecue, some Mexican food, American food,” said Rodrigues.

“We enjoy this,” Tuning said, “this is a lot of fun for us.”

The store is open Wednesday to Sunday behind Lambert’s Cafe just off U.S. Highway 65.