The skies above a busy intersection just got brighter and more colorful.  

This week, the owners of Plaza Towers, located at the intersection of Glenstone Ave. and Sunshine St., installed a massive new animated LED sign on top of the ten-story building.

The building’s owner and developer, Marco Denis of Springfield Property LLC, said,  “This is iconic for Springfield. Therefore, we could not go without bringing back the sign- even though it was expensive to do. It was necessary to have the sign because Springfield knows the building for the sign also”

The building’s owner says he paid more than a million dollars for the flashy signs on the north and south sides of the building. It’s part of a massive renovation of the 1970’s era high-rise that now underway. The project includes renovating the building’s commercial space; making room for a conference center; and building a restaurant with an rooftop patio on a lower level. Last year, workers replaced the old beige exterior paint with a more modern scheme of gray, white, and black.

Those who work in the tower’s offices are taking note of the massive changes.

Paul Blake, Compliance Manager at GBS, said, “The old sign with just the light bulbs screwed into it. It is just a huge difference to see the multi media sign go up there in place of the old sign.”  He added, “The old sign you could see across town for a good bit.  And, this one I think is going to attract a lot more attention and a lot more eyes to look up.”  

An original sign installed during the building’s construction in the early 1970s created challenges for drivers down below. Back then, messages scrolled across. Drivers were getting distracted, and lots of crashes were happening.  So, the sign went dark. Until recently, some remaining bulbs spelled out “Plaza Towers.”

Today, Glenstone at Sunshine is busier than ever. So, why was a big sign not okay in the 1970s, but is perfectly fine to install in 2022? 

Denis said, “If you think 50 years ago, this sign was kind of new to Springfield.  So, therefore there was nothing like it even back then when it said Plaza Towers. People weren’t used to something like that, so of course people were curious when they were driving and looked at it.”    

Regulations have been relaxed in recent years as we’ve grown more accustomed to bright billboards the size of movie theater screens.  You can now find them all over Springfield along busy streets and at major intersections.  With its height, the new one on Plaza Towers tops them all.  

Denis says progress is being made on the renovation project.  The exterior should be done within weeks, with work on the interior expected to wrap up in a few months.  

“This corner is starting to change and we are just going to make it better.”