MISSOURI (NEXSTAR) — A woman charged with assaulting a Missouri police officer has been charged again, this time in Kansas, for trying to kill another inmate.

Missouri court records show Raven Gomez of Columbia is charged with first-degree assault.

A probable cause statement from the Jasper Police Department states an officer responded to an assault on Oct. 16 outside a convenience store. The officer arrived and found Gomez and a man assaulting each other in a black Chevy Cruze.

During a pat search of Gomez, Gomez assaulted the JPD officer, punching the officer in the face and pushing her to the ground, causing the officer to hit her head on the pavement.

The man, Brandon David, then got out of the car and punched the officer several times in the head and upper body while she was still on the ground. David tried to get into the officer’s patrol car but was unable to drive away due to the different gear shift the vehicle had.

Gomez got into the Cruze and ran over the officer’s foot while reversing, then ran over it again while driving forward. David then got out of the patrol car and into the Cruze with Gomez.

Court records said the officer suffered several injuries, including bruises on her face, neck and torso, a sprained foot and a softball size hematoma on the back of her head.

David is also charged with first-degree assault.

On Oct. 18, Gomez and David were found near Moran, Kansas. Deputies with the Allen County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office took both into custody with assistance from the Bourbon County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office.

Gomez assaulted another female inmate in the Allen County Jail on Oct. 24. A release from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office said Gomez used a food tray to attack the other inmate, knocking the inmate’s glasses to the floor.

Gomez then used a piece of the broken eyeglasses to stab the other inmate several times.

The release said Gomez told investigators her actions were premeditated and her intent was to kill the other inmate.

Gomez is held in the Allen County, Kansas Jail on a $100,000 bond.