SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The first wave of freshmen and their families arrived at Missouri State University on Wednesday, and the enrollment office is seeing firsthand the excitement of students coming to campus.

MSU’s Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, Robert Hornberger, said the number of incoming freshmen has grown substantially this year.

“We are excited about seeing an increase in our enrollment, especially our freshman class. As of right now, the reports running as of this week were up about 23%. That comes out to about an increase of almost 500 students… in our freshman class.” 

Parents of students, like Kim Peterson, are also excited about the move-in process.

“It was quick and easy and all except for the tears but it’s I guess, how it is with the first one,” Peterson said. “They were really thorough also that they made sure they were given the keys to the right people. And I appreciated that.” 

With the increase in enrollment, MSU is set to have a bustling and vibrant campus this year. Students and parents alike are looking forward to the opportunities and experiences that come with a college education

Students at Drury and Evangel are also heading back to campus, with students moving in Friday.