SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A race in the Missouri State House has the potential for a recount as we get closer to the end of the week.

That’s House District 135 in Springfield.

KOLR10’S Madison Hever talked with the candidates to see how they’re feeling.

“It comes across the county, so it depends on how many from that particular district voted, and again it’s being done by a bipartisan team right now, in an open, transparent way and so we’ll just continue that until we know if, indeed, it’s still eligible for a recount,” Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller said.

“It’s disappointing to be behind at this point but we’re just going to wait and see what the final count is and looking forward to a definitive answer, one way or the other,” Steve Helms, Republican incumbent candidate said. “The district that I’ve been in has always been very purple, if you would. I think I’ve outperformed the last two election cycles.”

“We knew from the beginning that it would be a very competitive district and my team has done the work to make it even more competitive, but I did not anticipate being in a situation where we may or may not be having to recount all the votes,” Betsy Fogle, Democratic candidate said. “I’m thankful we have people who are going to ensure that it’s done correctly and that’s most important to me. I want everybody to walk away from this election knowing the person who got the most votes is the winner, and right now we can’t say that without a shadow of a doubt.”

We won’t know if there will be a recount until the results are certified (expected Friday, Nov. 6).