SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Mercy Hospital is offering confirmation of pregnancy services which means a woman can find out whether or not she’s pregnant as early as possible.

When a newly expectant mother finds out she’s pregnant that can be exciting and scary. So, being able to know as soon as possible gives the mother more time to prepare.

For example, if she’s taking medication and is unsure how to proceed.

“We begin by just getting a history from them, we talk about if they’ve been pregnant before, if they had any complications, what their medical history is like, what their family history is like, do they have any genetic or chromosomal disorders that run in the family or the father of the baby’s family,” said Leah Crouse a nurse practitioner at Mercy Hospital. “We then get into prenatal education, I give them information, give them a book about pregnancy, we answer any questions they have and do their physical exams.”

Nurses will also answer any questions or concerns a pregnant woman may have and can provide prenatal vitamins.