WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Joplin Police Department brought forth updated information from the March 8th, 2022 officer-involved shooting and shared video from that day at a Friday press conference.

The shooting claimed the lives of two officers – Cpl. Ben Cooper and Officer Jake Reed. The shooter was later shot and killed by the department’s Captain William Davis after a brief pursuit. Officer Rick Hirshey was also shot during the incident but has recovered.

You’ll remember it all started with a call of a disturbance in the shopping center parking lot.

When Cooper and Reed attempted to take the suspect into custody, he shot them both. The suspect then stole a patrol car, and eventually wrecked.

He took off on foot near 9th and Connecticut, later firing more shots — hitting officer Rick Hirshey in the face.

Captain Will Davis eventually fired the shots that killed the suspect.

A memorial to Cooper and Reed sprang up just hours after the incident at JPD headquarters.

That lasted a few days. But now, a more permanent site honors the memory of the officers. It centers where it all began — the parking lot near 4th and Rangeline.

For months now, supporters have left countless flowers, signs, crosses and pinwheels. Photographs of Corporal Cooper and Officer Reed are also at the site.