SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Adding a tip is a question people say they are tired of hearing and seeing at the register.

As customers’ pockets are hit by inflation, many say the question of tipping follows them everywhere, leaving them feeling guilty if they don’t answer the question on the iPad.

“I can understand how a consumer would feel the extra pressure of inflation and then feel like they’re being pressured to leave a tip,” says Susi Caregnato, owner of Soozeezbeez Honey Beetique. “I feel almost pressured. Do you feel like you have to? But in the back of your mind, you know, it’s kind of silly because the person just hands your stuff.”

A study done by PlayUSA says that one in five people are not only tipping at restaurants but also at drive-thrus and other retailers.

“We do fast, casual counter-service and on that screen, it does ask people, you know, for a tip, it’s been like that since day one,” said John Tsahiridis, owner of Greek Belly.

PlayUSA also found that 17 percent of customers are tipping less, but many places do have the option to turn off the tipping feature on their point-of-sale systems.

“I personally prefer to take it off of there because I’m not a waitress or a waiter among the server,” Caregnato said. “And so to me, just checking somebody out at the counter doesn’t really, you know, call for a tip.”

Ultimately, the choice of whether to tip or not is in the hands of the consumer.

“It’s a personal decision. I think we just need to be braver about being okay with ourselves if we don’t choose the tip thing, even if they’re standing right there.”