LEBANON, Mo. — The Lebanon Police Department has identified a body found inside a burned car last month.

According to a press release from the LPD, DNA analysis revealed the deceased person is 71-year-old Stephen E. Winn.

During the investigation, police discovered that Stephen Winn went missing from his Kansas City, Missouri home in 1991. At the time, Stephen Winn lived with his wife Khristine Winn and their children.

Further investigation revealed that when Stephen Winn left his family, he assumed Khristine Winn’s identity. Stephen Winn later married and lived under the name Khristine Bechard.

The press release states that evidence inside the car and inside Stephen Winn’s residence seems to indicate his death was self-inflicted.

Investigators say Stephen Winn’s family had no contact with him for 32 years, and later had him declared dead. Relatives of Khristine Winn told investigators she died in 2018.

Stephen Winn’s body was found inside a burned 1979 Chrysler New Yorker on March 19.