LEBANON, Mo. — Lebanon High School honored Hispanic heritage by unveiling a new mural that students and community members had a role in creating. 

Leslie Gama is a senior at Lebanon High School and she proposed the idea of a mural to celebrate Hispanic culture. She says she’s proud to leave behind a memory of her culture for students in years to come. 

“This is my final year, so I’m glad I’m leaving something behind,” said Gama. “Ever since the beginning of last year, I always really wanted to show my culture. ”

Thanks to a grant from Missouri Arts Council, the high school has been able to bring in various artists since 2020 to paint murals that feature a mix of cultural references and nods to the Lebanon community.

On April 25, Gama was able to cut the ribbon for the Hispanic heritage mural painted by the community. 

“There are 58 tiles around the mural painted by students and staff and members of the community,” said teacher, Elizabeth Barker. “I couldn’t be more proud and more grateful to just be part of this, be part of the community.”

Stories from different students and community members shine light on their traditions and contributions, bringing everyone in the community closer.

“This is amazing for me because it leaves a big impact on me and my family,” said senior Isaac Vargas. “My aunt’s over here. She left a big legacy for a lot of people in the town. So it’s nice to see her on the wall for a lot of a bunch of years to come.”