SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (news-leader) — An attorney representing the family of Caleb Slay says Slay was first tased by a DEA agent on Nov. 2, shot three times in the chest — then handcuffed.

Craig F. Lowther, a lawyer hired by Caleb Slay’s mother to look into his death, told the News-Leader on Monday that his investigator spoke to a witness who lives near Slay’s house on the 1800 block of South Maryland Avenue.

Lowther said he, too, spoke later with the same witness, who gave the same information about Slay’s death.

“He (Slay) was tased, then he was shot three times in the chest and then the agent handcuffed him and put his foot on his back to, I guess, make sure he wasn’t going anywhere,” Lowther said. “That is what I am told.”

Slay died at the scene. The shooting took place in the afternoon and the witness, Lowther said, saw it through a front window.

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