SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Springfield, Mayor Ken McClure and seven-members of the City Council regarding the face mask ordinance, according to a press release from Kristi Fulnecky.

The lawsuit claims that the “ordinance is an overreach of government” and uses the Greene County death rate as an example. It also claims that the City Council said the health department was burdened not the health care system for justification for the ordinance.

“Mandating the public to wear masks is a violation of civil rights and a blatant overreach of the city government,” Fulnecky said in her press release. “My client has a right to choose to wear a mask – whether it’s outside, in her place of business, or at church. The very grounds used by the mayor and city council to pass this ordinance are absurd. The chances of dying from violent crime in our city are higher than the chance of dying from Covid-19. A strain on a county department is not a reason to declare a state of emergency. Our law enforcement officers have more important things to focus their attention on and the residents and visitors of Springfield deserve the right to choose.”

The masking ordinance was put into effect July 16, 2020.

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