WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. — Webster County Judge Michael O. Hendrickson has revoked the parole of the two Schwartz brothers.

Aaron and Petie Schwartz, who were found guilty of child molestation involving a 13-year-old relative, will serve 15 years in the Department of Corrections each on the two counts they were initially sentenced to in September before being granted probation.

According to court records, those charges were originally suspended, but the brothers violated probation three days after receiving it.

The brothers’ probation officer said during the hearing that Aaron and Petie signed their probation agreement on September 8. On September 11, Valorie learned the brothers moved back into the home with the victim, their sister and another juvenile. Doing that violated a sex offender agreement they both signed.

The brothers also violated their probation by submitting the almost exact same probation agreement letter to the court.

After a 25 minute recess, Judge Hendrickson weighed in and said the violation of the brothers moving back was so significant; he wonders if they’ll be able to follow the rules. Hendrickson says the brothers could’ve taken two assessments to learn about the brothers’ mental and emotional health, along with any risks they would have towards the community.

Ozarks First Reporter David Chasanov was in the courtroom and said when the judge made the ruling, Petie Schwartz started crying, and Aaron Schwartz started to say goodbye to his family.