SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Plenty of people will be cleaning up storm debris tomorrow, but it’s important to remember how to safely get rid of debris so it doesn’t end up on roadways.

Even the smallest piece of debris can cause accidents and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is advising drivers to take precautions on roads following storms.

“We see it more and more now because of the storm that we just had. But what we, what I want to also make people aware of is, again, I said earlier, you’re responsible for that load,” said Sergeant Mike McClure with MSHP. “So if you lose something from that load, it’s your responsibility to go back and get it.”

“If you’re going to be hauling storm debris or any other debris for that matter, what does your general trash and an open trailer make sure that you are in compliance with the law in that you are securing that load properly,” McClure said.

MSHP emphasized that safely hauling debris on the highways is important.

They say people must take all necessary precautions when moving tree limbs and leaves after storms and should secure the debris with tarps or strap it down to make sure it is safely on your vehicle.

The city of Ozark established a debris drop-off site to assist people in cleaning their yards.

An Ozark city employee said the site has been busy with all the storms we’ve been seeing.

“Just yesterday, we were getting so much we had to do our first burn of the burn pile. Now we have that facility still open,” said Steve Childers, City Administrator for the city of Ozark. “That location will be open on the south side of town, going out east 14 until September 1st.”

“Hopefully everybody will be able to be cleaned up by then and we’ll just keep receiving the the yard debris until till we can get it cleaned up,” Childers said.

MSHP also advises keeping a safe distance from other cars on the highway to prevent accidents from unseen debris.