SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The city of Forsyth received a “poor” rating from Missouri’s State Auditor Nicole Galloway on Tuesday, March 9.

According to a press release, numerous concerns surfaced including more than $1,400 missing from the city’s vault and another $2,000 in utility deposits that were received but never deposited.

“My office stands ready to assist when financial concerns are identified. That’s exactly what we did when the Taney County Sheriff asked for our help to review accounting discrepancies that came to light after a theft from the city’s vault,” Auditor Galloway said. “The resulting audit details how thousands in city funds went missing and also highlights serious concerns with the city’s financial controls. I urge officials to implement our recommendations as soon as possible to better protect taxpayer dollars.”

On October 15, 2019, city officials reported a burglary to the Taney County Sheriff’s Office. In December, authorities contacted the State Auditor’s Office and requested assistance. After the first review, the city’s alderman decided to request an audit.

According to the press release, the audit found that between May and November 2018, a former utility clerk did not deposit $2,000 of recorded utility deposits, which were all paid in cash. Investigators also found someone used a master key, which went missing from the clerk’s desk and stole $1,400.

The state auditor’s recommendation included a review of Forsyth’s accounting process and oversight over keys. There is currently an investigation into the missing money.